Do you want a custom Violin, Viola, or Cello made for You?

We hand select the best woods from around the world. We ensure the woods are harvested ethically. We then use our experience to read the wood and handcraft a new one of a kind instrument using traditional Italian methods.

We are a full service shop that is equipped to help keep your investment in good playing condition.

Do you have dreams about your next instrument?

  • Have you been told by a teacher that you need a better instrument?

  • Are you tired of putting money into your student level instrument?

  • Is your instrument holding you back?

  • Are you ready to love your instrument?

  • Do you feel embarrassed to show people your instrument?

  • Do you want a beautiful handmade instrument that will last a lifetime?

  • Do you value quality craftsmanship and materials?

  • Have you always wanted an instrument you were proud of?


The process for getting your own custom-made instrument is simple

  1. Sit down with us and tell us what you’re looking for in an instrument.

  2. Track the instrument’s progress on Instagram or Tumblr with a hashtag that is uniquely chosen for you.

  3. Start playing an instrument that you are proud to own.

sit down with us and tell us what you want


Know you’re getting Quality


Start making memories with your new beautiful Instrument

Azure Violins has the following services for free for the life of the instrument help you keep your custom instrument playing beautifully :

  • Reglue Fingerboard

  • Plane Fingerboard

  • Fix Stuck or Sliding Pegs

  • Install Strings

  • Close Seams

  • Set Up Soundpost

  • New Soundpost

  • New Bridge

What makes Azure Violins so different?

Azure Violins is revolutionary because we believe you don’t have to be a professional musician to deserve a great instrument.

We know how hard it is to venture into the music world as a first generation player. We have helped hundreds of musicians along their musical journeys from selecting the first instrument to the forever instrument, taught first notes to soloistic concertos, and help with repairs and maintenance all along the way.

Owners Kari and Channing Azure have over a decade of experience working in music stores as violin techs or teachers and each are happy to advise you on the next step.

What’s my investment?

How much time and money are repairs costing you on a cheap instrument? How many times have you missed a lesson or a class because your instrument was in the shop again? How overwhelmed have you felt going to traditional shops? How confused by terminology have you been? Have you been intimidated by the process of ordering a custom instrument? Do you feel like it’s impossible to play comfortably? Have you been embarrassed by your instrument and want something you feel proud of? Are you concerned about ethically sourced materials and paying living wages for workers?

Set up a free consultation for a custom instrument to clear up these questions. 

Handmade Violins start at $8,000

Handmade Violas start at $10,000

Handmade Cellos start at $18,000